A 10 year digital media professional with a vast array of experience. My professional career has consisted of:

Graphic Design Vector & raster imaging with typography, photography and illustration. 10 Years
Desktop Publishing Print layouts for marketing through signage, promotional materials & packaging. 10 Years
Web Design Clean, simple & effective web design methodology with an emphesis on function. 4 Years
Animation 2D motion graphics for web, over video or for a looped display. 2 Years
Photo Manipulation Altered, fabricated or restored photo imagery for web or print. 9 Years
Audio/Video Editing Commercial grade video editing with high quality mastered audio. 5 Years
Project Managment Let me handle your next creative project from start to finish. 6 Years

If you're interested in seeing what I've done lately, check out my awesome work.

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Below you'll find a dozen of my most recent published projects. If you'd like to see more, please contact me to request a copy of my portfolio or arrange a meeting.


    Full artist style website layout.  Link to current album release, social media buttons and a built in audio player with custom controls.